Rolling Horse Ranch provides horse-assisted leadership and team building programs for Veterans. The Heart of Horsemanship is a program offered in cooperation with Veterans Centers. The program brings veterans to the ranch to ride and be with horses in an effort to reduce anxiety, build self confidence, reconnect with self and others and enjoy life more.

Rolling Horse Ranch, established in 1999, is located in Ramona California. Dr. Ellen Kaye Gehrke is the Founder/Director. She has been actively engaged in bringing people from all walks of life together to experience how horses can partner with humans for opportunities to learn and connect with their LifeSpirit. The experiences at the ranch involve activities and lessons that lead to an authentic path towards:

  • listening to one’s intuition

  • showing up as a leader who cares and is competent

  • becoming more resilient in the face of life’ s set backs

  • sensing how ones own energy interfaces with horses and humans and can lead to a stronger sense of connection to self and others

  • receiving feedback from sentient beings who have no agenda and can send safe and non judgmental insights to participants when they are in a place to open their hearts and minds to the feedback

  • learning riding skills that are considerate of both horse and rider and lead to safe and fun adventures out on the trail or ranch environment

  • making friends with horses and humans that build up trust and confidence.


Ellen Kaye Gehrke

Dr. Ellen Kaye Gehrke has been researching the horse-human bond for more than 15 years. She provides dynamic and motivating illustrations of the research and how people can foster a deeper connection to animals and nature. She also writes engaging stories about life experiences working with ranchers and farmers and her challenges and life lessons from adopting and gentling five wild mustangs. She has extensive experience as an organizational development consultant, a human resource manager, a healthcare educator and an energy medicine practitioner. She skillfully integrates these eclectic adventures into keynotes, workshops or organizational consulting.