Rolling Horse Ranch Programs



Learn basic animal communication techniques. We use various meditations and practices such as journalling and visualizations to experience our ability to communicate across species and discover what we can do to connect with animals and learn what they have to teach us.

Communicating With Horses

True and Authentic Relationship

This is a course for people who want to improve their relationships with others (just about everyone?). Horses live in the present and provide instant and non judgmental feedback. Participants learn through awareness activities how to develop deeper and more connected relationships with self and others. This leads to an experience of greater joy, compassion for self and others and a crisper more energetic way of daily engagement with others.



Women are drawn to the energetic presence of the grace, beauty and power of horses. Deep conversations unfold in the presence of wisdom horses who touch and open the heart of the most cynical and disbelieving souls. Horses are gracious and sensitive and can revitalize the spirit, lift hearts and positively renew life’s passions and purpose- all within the safety of a women’s wisdom circle of likeminded individuals.

Womens Program


Dr. Ellen Kaye Gehrke has been conducting research on the horse-human bond for several years. She provides dynamic and motivating illustrations of the research and how people can foster a deeper connection to animals and nature. She also writes engaging stories about life experiences working with ranchers and farmers and her own challenges and life lessons from adopting and gentling five wild mustangs. She has extensive experience as an organizational development consultant, a human resource manager, a healthcare educator and an energy medicine practitioner. She skillfully integrates these eclectic adventures into keyknotes, workshops or organizational consulting.

Workshops with horses