Rolling Horse Ranch Programs


Veterans: Heart of Horsemanship for Veterans (Read More Here)

Programs for veterans and first responders are offered on a regular basis at Rolling Horse Ranch. Participants initially work in a small group via recommendation from Veterans Centers, Veterans Administration, and other Veterans Services. It is important that those interested are diagnosed with symptoms of PTSD, trauma and TBI and are receiving regular counseling services outside the ranch. The focus is on the participant recognizing the energetic connection with horses and how the work informs healing by building trust, reducing anxiety, minimizing depression, improving confidence and resilience and helping the person feel wholehearted again. It is delivered in an 8-week format and can be followed by weekly sessions.


Healthcare: Patient-Centered Care in the Healthcare Environment

The healthcare environment is rapidly changing to a focus on patient centered care. This means that attention to the patient is critical to achieving great patient outcomes. This experiential workshop allows medical professionals to gain valuable honest feedback from their interactions with the horses and their colleagues. Horses are unable to demonstrate dissonant emotions so the work with them is emotionally safe, open, kind, compassionate and allows for reflection and somatically reframing of communication skills that serve a more positive patient environment. Participants experience their energy impact on those around them through the interactions with their horses. It is delivered in a one or two day format and can be followed up with one-on-one coaching sessions.



Dr. Kaye Gehrke has been conducting leadership and team building workshops for more than 15 years. The focus is on leading for the sake of the team- partnership leading. Horses give profound feedback to participants to assist with examining traditional leadership styles of direct and master to a more relationship style that includes partnership and performance. The experience of exchanging energy between sentient beings is a foundation to building the awareness to be a more successful leader, CEO, project manager, or team member. The workshops have been delivered in one-three day formats to groups of 8 to 20.


Personal Development

Sometimes the soul just needs to come back to connection with the heart and with the universal field. Horses help cleanse and renew one's purpose and energy. These are gentle workshops but require difficult work in going deeper into what is needed to attain a wholehearted state. This workshop can be helpful for healing heartaches, disappointments, looking at life transitions, reconnecting with a higher self and purpose- or just hanging out with horses for a day or two and fulfilling the genuine need to integrate with the natural world. Horses are wonderful for grounding and preparing to launch in new directions, or not. The workshops can be delivered on an individual or group basis for 1 - 3 days.